Terrors from the OSHA: How SeaWorld’s Working Conditions Pose a Whale of a Problem for Their Employees

By: Dominic Delorantis

Picture this: you go into work, grab a cup of coffee, arrive at your desk, and your arm gets ripped off by a killer whale. That is the reality SeaWorld trainers face every day when they go into work. In 2010, Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld, was killed while working with a whale during a “relationship session” after the whale dragged her into the tank and repeatedly struck and thrashed her.[1] This highly publicized incident came after a slew of deaths and injuries stemming from the unsafe working conditions at SeaWorld.[2] However, unlike the mammals at SeaWorld, the OSHA violations for these unsafe working conditions have no bite.

OSHA has cited SeaWorld numerous times for the hazardous working conditions they subject their trainers to, most notably after the 2010 incident, which OSHA classified as a “willful” violation.[3] Although the penalties for these violations have been as high as $75,000[4], they have made no waves in terms of deterring SeaWorld from continuing to do everything they can to churn a profit at the expense of their employees.[5]

In an investigation of the 2010 incident, OSHA found that SeaWorld had been exposing trainers to “recognized hazards of drowning or injury” during performances due to the proximity of the whales to the trainers.[6] Since then, SeaWorld claims they have implemented increased safety measures for their trainers by removing them from the water during shows.[7] However, not only has SeaWorld failed to enforce these measures, but multiple sources reveal that they still allow their trainers to make close contact with the whales, and in some instances even continue to ride and swim with them.[8]

In addition to failing to remedy their unsafe working conditions, SeaWorld has failed to furnish their trainers with adequate incident reports which aid in their ability to understand the marine mammals they are working with and safely perform their job.[9] When questioned by the Department of Labor about why their corporate incident reports failed to catalogue all occurrences of whale aggression, all SeaWorld official Chuck Tompkins had to say was “we missed a few.”[10] Tompkins also stated that SeaWorld does not “reevaluate its protocols after an injury or death because it deems the injuries that occur ‘a result of human error’ and insisted that revising safety protocols is unnecessary.”[11] This flippant attitude toward creating safe working conditions is alarming, not only because of the blatant disregard for the safety of their trainers, but because it shows the ineffectiveness of OSHA in making SeaWorld comply with safety regulations.

The public outcry for both the mistreatment of the whales and their trainers has sparked a cultural movement ranging from the documentary Blackfish to the removal of Mattel’s “SeaWorld Trainer Barbie” from their lineup,[12] costing SeaWorld an estimated $82.5 million drop in revenue since 2013.[13] The tides are turning and it is clear that greater efforts must be made to protect SeaWorld employees by preserving their right to a safe working environment. The public has smelled blood in the water when it comes to exposing the practices of SeaWorld and it is high time the Department of Labor does, too.

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