Volume 32 Masthead (Effective for 2014-15 School Year)

The Journal would like to thank the outgoing senior staff of Volume 31 for their impeccable service, as well as congratulate the rising senior staff who, as Junior Staff of Volume 31, supplied great energy and enthusiasm.  The Journal has appointed the following to the respective positions for next year:

Editor-in-Chief: Vincent Valente
Managing Editor of Articles: Ivory Bishop
Managing Editor of Staff: Sean Hughes
Symposium Editor: Jerry Lagomarsine
Technology Editor: Michael Engle
Alumni Affairs Coordinator: Jerika Morris
Business Administrator: Michael Bernstein
Articles Editors (6): Caitlin Esposito; Kristin Kraemer; Koren Leonards; Christopher Motyl; Christina Plummer; Victoria Stubbolo
Research Editors (3): Ryan Eden; Brittany Uslaner; Marni Weiner
Notes and Comments Editors (4): Andrew Dressler; Julia Elmaleh-Sachs; Robert Gore; Seth Nadel
Associate Editors (8): Dina Awad; Steven DeSena; Yuwei Ji; Allison Milano; Jordan Silber; Tatiana Sulovska; Denny Tang; Shawn Watro

Congratulations to all the new appointees!  Junior Staff will be determined later, pursuant to the annual 1L writing competition.

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