Issue 29.1 is Now Available

Issue 29.1 of the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal is now available.  Clicking on the title of the articles will link you to a full version of the article.


Kenneth Casebeer, Professor of Law, University of Miami Law School

O My Sons and Daughters, How Do I Immiserate Thee: Let Me Count the Ways

Harry G. Hutchison, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

Waging War of “Unemployable”? Race, Low-Wage Work, and Minimum Wages: The New Evidence

Practitioners’ Notes 

Emily S. Miller, Associate, Cozen O’Conner

The Strongest Defense You’ve Never Heard Of: The Constitution’s Federal Enclave Doctrine and its Effect on Litigants, States, and Congress

Marisa Warren, Associate, Pedowitz and Meister, LLP.  & Arnie Pedowtiz, Partner, Pedowitz and Meister, LLP.

Social media, Trade Secrets, Duties of Loyalty, Restrictive Covenants and Yes, the Sky is Falling

Jay Youndahl, Partner, Youngdahl & Citti, P.C.

The Time Has Come For a Sustainable Theory of Fiduciary Duty in Investment


David Barnhorn & Joey E. Pegram

Speak the Truth and Tell No Lies: An Update for the Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Ashley L. Behre

Coming Out to Fight for Our Country: Achieving Equality for Gay Service Members in a Post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Military

Phillip K. Vacchio & Joshua L. Wolinsky

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008: It’s in Title VII’s Genes

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