Wisonsin Union Dispute: The Background

This article by USA Today provides a good background of the current fight between the public employees in Wis. and the government. The bill would mean that:

1. Public employee unions could bargain only on wages. Even pay hikes could not exceed inflation without voter approval. In addition:

2. The government would stop deducting union dues from paychecks. Unions would have to collect dues themselves — $400 to $1,400 a year, depending on the union. This practice elsewhere has cut union revenue by about one-third.

3. Workers would have to reapprove the union every year, by a majority of all workers, not just those voting.

4. Future contracts could not set benefits, work rules or layoff policies. Existing contracts would remain valid until they expire.

Source: Dennis Cauchon  Q&A: The Wis. Protests and What They Mean for Nation, USA Today

For the full article, click here

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One thought on “Wisonsin Union Dispute: The Background

  1. […] proposed Wis. Bill would remove a number of rights from public employees. Linked below is the full Bill. It’s quite lengthy, but worth the […]

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