Welcome to The LEJer – the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal’s official blog! It may come to you as no surprise that law journal readership nationwide has sharply declined in recent years. In a society paradoxically more connected than ever through technology, yet more detached from social interaction, journal membership as a link between law students from generation to generation has, in some ways, broken.  Thus, law journals across the country must devise new, more personal ways to reach their audiences in order to stay relevant.

Fortunately for us, our Journal is no stranger to evolution.  You may recall that the Journal emerged in its original form as the Hofstra Labor Law Forum in 1982. Just one year later, the publication’s name was changed to the Hofstra Labor Law Journal and finally to the Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal to reflect the growing interest by students in the field of employment law.  With the guidance of strong faculty advisors as well as passionate editors and staff, the Journal has grown to reflect the dynamic law fields it seeks to examine. The Journal has seamlessly adapted to the needs of its members in the past and it will do so again. Thus, The LEJer – with its weekly updates and interactive forum – is our answer to the changing times.

Ultimately, it is our hope that through the collective effort of Journal members, alumni, scholars and practitioners in the field, we can cultivate this blog into a forum for discussion of labor and employment law developments.  Equally important, The LEJer will provide an intimate view of Journal events so that members – past and present – can stay connected to one another in real-time.

While the staff will be updating The LEJer multiple times each week, one ingredient for a successful blog is still missing – you. So, contribute early and often.  No article is too big or too small, and we encourage you to share your cutting-edge legal analysis as well as those thoughtful stories from volumes past. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anthony C. Serrano, Jr.

Editor-in-Chief, Volume 28

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